On Monday morning April 18th of this year, Timothy Miller, or Timo as he is known to most, boarded a flight bound for Washington, DC from their mission station in Nicaragua . Traveling with him was his wife JoAnna and their four young children. They were returning to the States for a short break from their service there, as well as to attend a close friend’s wedding.

When Timo’s landed in Washington, FBI agents were awaiting his arrival. They arrested Timo, and took both Timo and his wife for several hours of questioning. The charge? A federal felony - aiding an international parental kidnapping, threatening up to three years in prison. After spending two nights in prison, friends were able to post bond, and Timo was able to rejoin his wife and children again, although with restrictions…he’s not allowed to travel freely, and he’s not allowed to discuss the case with his wife.

The federal charges, filed in Vermont, stem from a lesbian “civil union”. Vermont is one of a handful of states that allow lesbians “marriage” rights in this way. As a result, homosexual activists have filed strategic lawsuits in Vermont to expand the rights of civil unions to include “parental rights” as part of their “civil union” rights.

Since God has not intended for two men or two women to raise children as a family unit, they can’t produce children on their own. This creates a problem in their agenda to create the perception that homosexual behavior is normal. Thus they resort to adopting children or using artificial insemination from a male donor in the case of a lesbian relationship. Can you imagine being a child growing up in the middle of such an environment?

Isabella was born into the middle of a lesbian relationship through artificial insemination. Her biological mother is Lisa Miller (no relation to Timothy Miller), and her father remains an anonymous sperm donor. When Isabella was about 18 months old, Lisa Miller realized the emptiness of her lesbian lifestyle, and her mother’s instinct alerted her to the danger that lifestyle posed for her young daughter. She chose to leave that lifestyle, repented of her immoral ways, and began a new life. Unfortunately for little Isabella, the lesbian activists decided the situation was an opportunity to further their agenda. They filed lawsuits on behalf of Janet Jenkins (the former lesbian partner) to force visitation rights and eventually gain custody of Isabella in an attempt to prove that their “civil unions” have parental rights.

The legal drama that played out over the next 7 years was filled with twists and turns. Virginia courts (where they had lived as a lesbian couple) decided her former lesbian partner didn’t have parental rights. Vermont courts decided she did, and aggressively worked to shut out the Virginia court’s decisions. Eventually Virginia appeals courts washed their hands of the situation because of some legal technicalities that allowed Vermont to claim ownership of the case. Lisa fought long and hard, taking the case to the Vermont Supreme Court to protect her daughter. She initially complied with the visitation orders, sending Isabella alone as ordered by the court to visit her former partner several times. Isabella came back from those times begging her mother to prevent some disturbing things that took place during those visits.  The emotional and psychological impact and toll on her was obvious to her mother.

Finally, after one of those visits, Lisa decided it was too dangerous to allow her daughter any further contact with her former partner, or the lesbian/gay community. In November 2009, she was to appear for the final time before the Supreme Court of Vermont. She had lost an earlier appeal at the exact same court several years before, and in the face of a very strong homosexual lobby, she must have considered the possibility of losing again. 

A mother goose will fight to the death to protect her young. So will a robin or a mama bear. God has put instincts into a mother to protect their young. Lisa must have felt terribly desperate, and did the only thing she knew in an attempt to protect her young child from what she perceived as very imminent danger...she took her child, and fled.  

Lisa left the US before the order was issued by the Vermont Court transferring primary custody of Isabella from Lisa (her biological mother) to Janet Jenkins (the former lesbian partner). The court that ordered the transfer of custody to the lesbian partner based on the civil union offered a huge win to homosexual activists; the “rights” of a lesbian partner had been placed above the biological mother’s parental rights.

The criminal complaint against Timo Miller says he aided in the removal of a child from the US in order to interfere with “parental” custody. It accuses him of arranging tickets, and picking them up at the airport.

To those of us who are observing the situation, the accusation begs a question. How can a biologically unrelated individual who has not gone through the adoption process even have “parental” rights in the first place? Homosexual marriages are not recognized federally, nor are they recognized by most states. In fact, most states have specific prohibitions banning homosexual marriage, helping to prevent a situation like this from occurring.

Timo is a dedicated Christian and a pastor in the Mennonite Church. (Beachy Amish-Mennonite) He sincerely loves God and seeks to live a simple life in practical obedience to God’s Word, and believes we should strive to obey the authorities, courts, and the laws of the land in every way. 

Historically, Mennonites have been a peace-loving people, who seek to practically obey the commands of Christ to help all men, to love their enemies, bless their persecutors, and pray for those who despitefully use them. Tim & JoAnna desire to continue that faith by displaying the love of Christ to all involved in this situation.  

British Statesman Sir Edmund Burke once said “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Will you stand beside Timo as he faces the accusations against him? Will you pray for him and his family? Has God blessed you with the ability to help financially?

Legal Disclaimer: This article and website was NOT written by Timothy Miller do not necessarily reflect the views or position of Timothy Miller

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